New Show: 80 Minutes ‘Til The Weekend

New Show: 80 Minutes ‘Til The Weekend

What up, friends?

Myself and my best friend, or at the very least, my best friend who owns shoes with large buckles, Shane Heimann, are running a show for the next few Fridays in June.

The show is called “80 Minutes ‘Til the Weekend,” and it lasts 80 minutes. Coincidence?

It starts at 10 p.m. each Friday, and it’s at Joe Franklin’s Comedy Club at 713 8th Avenue (45th and 8th, if you’re nasty).

E-mail me through this site, or e-mail to get free admission to the show. I swear, some funny people hang out there. And get this: they serve liquor! Nuts, right!

Here’s the info I just said, bite sized:

80 Minutes ‘Til the Weekend Friday, June 6, 13, and 20 10 p.m. Joe Franklin’s Comedy Club (in Charley O’s) 713 8th Avenue (@ 45th St.)